Monday, 5 August 2013

Quite a night out here. Woke up early to go to Zumba to find that we were in a blackout. Fortunately, the power was only down about 15 mins. Then I went to the office to drop off my stuff before heading over to the class. Just a minute before leaving the office for class we took incoming so close that is sounded like something fell off a truck just outside our window. That began a series of incoming that totaled almost a dozen and we knew something hit close because there was a fire truck and ambulance that pulled up maybe 25 meters from the office. The incoming orderal lasted about 30-40 mins (no Zumba for me!) and maybe 10 mins after the all clear alarm sounded we went into another blackout which made for relative chaos at the office as everyone was trying to call in for accountability and we has no phones and no internet! Just another day ;-)

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