Sunday, 11 August 2013

Happy Sunday everyone!

Yesterday was our "Cake and a Puppy" engagement event at the Red Cross and it was a huge success! The intent was to provide the community out here with a few creature comforts and a bit of an escape from the daily routine of dank Bhuts, communal showers and 40 pounds of protective gear. So we invited over Major Eden, the beautiful Red Lab Combat Stress dog and together with a team of 10 volunteers, put together an enormous spread of homemade desserts. I spent most of the night Friday baking cakes in an easy bake oven using boxed cake mix and powered eggs. We baked muffins and cinnamon raisin bread, we had homemade fudge shipped courtesy of my wonderful mother. We had trays of girl scout cookies, plus we set up the Lemon-aid Stand and served traditional and pink Lemonade (thank you to those who donated!), Flavor-Ice Popsicles and water.

Everything was set up on the front deck of our building and I confess I was alarmed when I woke up at 4pm, before the event, and saw what appeared to be storm clouds off in the distance. But the weather held off until the end of the event making for an exciting finale, as an electrical storm rolled in with lightening streaking across the sky every few seconds. But with music playing and the smell of cake in the air, we had close to 100 visitors stop by to play with major Eden for almost two hours. It was the perfect escape to what has undeniably been a challenging month!

Yea Desserts!

So pleased with the turnout!

Not sure if you can tell but I am "knighting" my team member with a spatula.

 Major Eden posing for a photo in the background

The Vet team and I

This is the Armed Forces Network Radio Broadcaster who I do the bi-weekly radio show with!

Major Eden, her handler and I taking a break

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