Tuesday, 20 August 2013

I seem to be a regular at the hospital these last few nights! Two night ago there was an enormous Medevac mission leaving for Germany. There had been an extremely destructive suicide bombing down South on Saturday which resulted in a large influx of critically wounded into our hospital here on Bagram. After being stabilized at the Join Theater Hospital, 19 litters left for Germany on Sunday night. I went over to provide manpower, carrying the gurneys from the hospital and loading the patients onto the bus that would drive them to the flight line where they would be loaded on the plane. 6 of those patients were considered CKATs - on life support.

Then last night I got word from my Vet friends that they would be pulling all nighters with Zeko, a working dog who had been shot through his back. You can actually see the entry and exit wounds once his hair had been shaved. Zeko is the sweetest (most drugged up) dog and I've been over at the Vet clinic the last two nights to keep both him (and the Vets) company overnight.

And to top everything off we have been indefinitely ordered back into our battle rattle at night, which means all my late night escapades are done lugging around my 40 extra pounds of protective gear!

T-minus 3.5 weeks....I won't miss the gear, but nights like those are irreplaceable and incomparable...

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