Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The fates seems to be conspiring against Zumba...

Tonight was the last night of Ramadan and there were rumors to be ready for an attack. I woke up early again to go to Zumba. When I got to the office, loaded down in my battle rattle about 15 mins before the class started, I ran into our team leader who was on her way out. She looked surprised to see me and asked if I had gotten her text. I replied no, my phone was out of credit so I hadn't been checking it, but it hadn't occurred to me you can still receive calls and texts without credit. Her text read "Stay INSIDE tonight!!!! Come late to work."  Great. There goes Zumba again :-/

Apparently the intel was so great about an imminent attack that in addition to our Red Cross staff, several camps went on lockdown last night including the hospital.

We waited somewhat on edge during the the supposed timeframe, but when the timeframe came and went everyone relaxed. My coworker left his shift and from that point on it was myself and three transient soldiers that preferred to crash in the Red Cross canteen than at the passenger (PAX) terminal.

Then around 1:30am I was working at the computer when the "Incoming alarm" went off. Normally this alarm typically does not sound. What we normally hear are the rocket impacts and then the "IDF impact" alarm goes off. The actual "Incoming" alarm I confess is quite jarring and does wonders to get your heart rate up. On this particular night the omniscient voice backed by the alarm began grating 'Incoming, Incoming, Incoming" as I looked out the window and heard a rocket hit.  It hit close enough that I got up from my desk and moved into the hallway with the transient soldiers when the second rocket hit and you could feel the impact in your chest.

Fortunately tonight was just the two rockets and the "all clear" alarm sounded maybe a half an hour later.

Still though... I am pleased that Ramadan has ended. That was enough fun for one holiday!!

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