Friday, 30 August 2013

Kicked off this huge Labor Day weekend with the Dog Days of Summer 5k this morning! I was under 25:00 so I was pretty dang happy!

Then tonight I've got a bunch for girlfriends coming to the office to make the Oreo truffles for tomorrow's huge Labor Day Bash.

I should also mention that last night was insanely hectic damage control as the Garrison issued another base wide "uniform posture change", in other words, back into the battle rattle until further notice. Only this time, the evening start time for battle rattle is at 6pm, directly in the middle of the Labor Day party! The band can't play in their gear and people won't come to the event if they have to wear their Kevlar so I spent two frantic hours last night calling all 12 of our event partners and I miraculously got all of the them to agree to an earlier start. Then I went out and re-papered the base with an updated flyer, emailed all 30 volunteers and begged them to come an hour earlier, and called the radio station to promote the new start time.

Fingers crossed we pull this off tomorrow!

Me with my "Dog Days of Summer" Finishers shirt! Should 
have taken a photo of the back, it's way cooler than the front...
doesn't change the fact that's neon yellow though! :-/

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