Saturday, 26 March 2011

So a few items to share! Last night Ingrid, a Sergeant friend of ours and I went looking for the mythical FOB Warrior which is the camp located on the other side of base, cut off from our half of the base by the airfield. We had heard that Warrior had all of the good food places and true enough, after a 15 minute drive through some rather unsettling rural scenery, we found....PIZZA HUT. The wait for your order at Pizza Hut was 55-65 minutes (and there were over 50 people ahead of us on our order number), but miraculously, the guy taking orders asked if we were "on duty" and thinking we doctors, I believe, told us to wait off to one side and he slipped us our pizzas in under 10 min. I had heard that they used goats cheese here which wasn't as tasty, but frankly, I couldn't taste the difference. It was glorious.
Then I worked my shift and hoped to help with a 2:30am Medivac but as I pulled into the hospital at 2:25am the bus was already pulling out onto the Airfield! Alas... :-(

Today, as I was walking through the hospital for my visit, I was flagged down by the Armed Forces Blood Services guy who said he would be really interested in working with us to start a more public campaign about the need to donate platlets at the hospital. I gave him my card and told him to contact us and we'd look into it.
Then I found out that there was a Medivac mission later this afternoon so my team leader and I went back to the hospital to help with that outbound mission. And perhaps the highlight of this post, as Ingrid and I were walking back to the office I practically crashed into one of my best Air Force buddies from my time in Tikrit. We both started yelling and hugging and jumping up and down. I had no idea he was even in Afghanistan, let alone Bagram...unbelievable how small the world can be sometimes.

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