Sunday, 20 March 2011

Man, I am having the wildest day, I am getting the sense that I am going to be saying that a lot! First off...I did my first errand run by myself using a manual car!!!!!!!!! GO ME! Before arriving here, I had driven a manual twice in my entire life and our retro truck over here is a stick so I have been practicing at 1:30 in the morning when people can't wince as I stall over and over again. But today, after only three days of practice I drove first to the post office where I picked up at least a dozen care packages and then I drove to the hospital to do a visit in the ICU. Today was unbelievable. They had a lot of guys in there but in particular they had a vehical that had been hit by an IED and the guys inside of it were all in ICU. The driver was in the worst way and I asked the nurse if he could hear me (he was intabated and semi-concious and couldn't speak). She said yes so I took his hand and started talking to him and when I started talking he actually opened his eyes and was squeezing my hand in response to the monologue I was saying. It was just incredible. Then I went and talked to the 2 other guys, and one was trying so hard not to cry. Broke my heart.

I also learned there is another Medivac mission after my shift ends so I am going to head back over to the hospital to assist...

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