Thursday, 24 March 2011

Man, I am having the busiest day! When I got to the office Ingrid hadn't been to the post office or the hospital yet and we couldn't drive there because there was an Afghan New Year event at one of the most cental DFACs on base so they closed the main road to all non-essential traffic. My teammate and I decided to walk to the hospital for our visit. We ran into a K-9 unit leaving the hospital so we got to pet a chocolate lab and a German Shepard who were a specialized search dog (IED detection) and an attack dog respectively.
Then we went in to do our visit, but everyone in the ward was asleep so we left them in peace. Next we went to the ICU and the only guy in there was in a bad bad way, he was missing both his legs from the knee down and one of his arms from the elbow down. I spoke to the doctor and he said they had finally got the guy sedated and settled down (I can't begin to fathom how you react to three missing limbs?) and that it wouldn't be a good time to talk to him right then so we left without really speaking to someone.
From there we walked to the Post Office to pick up the mail. Two of our team members got boxes and the office got something huge like 12 boxes worth of care packages for the troops so we told the guys we would come back tomorrow with the car. Then we went to go check out our new place and sighhhhhh, it's definitely not what I would choose. We are on the second floor of an office building, in a more central location of the base for sure, but honestly, I don't know why you would ever choose to just sort of chill in that space, versus other more comfortable options. Oh well, stop thinking negatively Michelle!

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