Wednesday, 10 July 2013

So it's safe to say that since 24 of hours before the 4th of July, security on based has changed significantly. Beginning the night before the 4th, all the ECPs (gates) were closed and there were no TCNs (Third Country Nationals/Local Afghans) allowed on base. This meant all the laundry points were closed and we were serving ourselves chow. Then beginning just after the 4th, with Ramadan less than a week away, military security measures really went into affect. Saturday night I woke up to a text from my team leader saying that a curfew would be going into affect at 2200 for the next several nights. Sunday night I woke up to a text saying that we would be in mandatory IBA (body armor) and Kevlar helmets until Thursday. Last night I woke up to a text asking "Are you safe? Those hit really close". I had slept through the incoming and had to bolt outside to a bunker. The rockets hit a 10 min walk from the office. We have been attacked every night for the last 3 nights.

Today everyone on base got an email saying that we are in the "change in uniform posture"  (wearing the IBA and Kevlar) indefinitely. You have to wear the body armor any time you go outside including to the gym and the showers and it must be worn inside the DFAC.
Still smiling though... Red Cross Battle Ready! ;-)


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