Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Hi there,
Just a quick check in to say that we are safe and well, although still living with these rigid secruity measures. We are still in our body armor and Kevlar helmet every night from 7pm to 5am which is miserable for me working the night shift since I can't go anywhere without it on. We are still experiencing amended gym and class schedules although fortunately they have been tweaked enough that I can still get in yoga in the morning and zumba at night! They do wonders for morale!

There isn't too much to report otherwise because the security measures have really put a damper on some of our activities. The water balloon dodgeball tournament was actually cancelled by the Garrison command which has left me massively disappointed. Still trying to think of other ways to keep people smiling. I'm optimistic we can still use the Lemon-aid stand as originally intended, to catch the foot traffic walking down Disney, but with the heightened security measures we've decided to play that by ear for a little while.

We do still have our radio spot tomorrow morning though so that will be a nice distraction :-)

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