Thursday, 4 July 2013

4 July

Happy 4th of July from Afghanistan!

Today we unveiled the much heralded Lemon-aid stand at the Air Force 4th of July Block party event and it was massive success! The lock party ran from 5:30am where they kicked off a 10k run to 10:00pm tonight with DJs and a BBQ. We set up our Lemon-aid stand during the hottest part of the day when most of the athletic challenges where run - the Fireman's Challenge, the Tug of War, Corn Holes and Horse Shoes. Between the athletics and the 100 degree heat we did a booming business and I think really did a lot to boost the morale on base. 

A HUGE thank you to Terra Zvara and Carolyn Taylor Brown and my Momma for the supplies and decorations! 

Because the event was in the middle of my night, I coordinated the set up of the event and then worked the booth for about an hour and a half before I had to try and get some more rest before working the night shift tonight. I'm definitely dragging but it was worth it!

Enjoy the photos and have a wonderful holiday :-)

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