Friday, 14 June 2013

It's been a BUSY couple of days!

Wednesday I was at the Korean Hospital with the Afghan women and children. The Afghan doctor and I put together a presentation on Malaria and for the first time, the program is really starting to come together. The doctor now presents with a microphone and podium we were able to obtain. We got permission to turn the chairs in the waiting room so all the benches face the same direction, with the audience all facing the podium. Next week I am making a powerpoint presentation on Malaria because we are hopefully we will have a TV screen next week. I'm hoping to post a video soon!

Then this morning, my team leader and I went over to do a round of hospital visits. We brought over plates of Mom's homemade fudge as well as dozens of calling cards that we were able to purchase with the last of our Military Hospital grant money. I don't think I've mentioned this grant yet, but our team has been able to do some fabulous things for the Bagram hospital out here. We bought the ICU 6 ipads and 6 portable DVD players for the patients. We purchased thousands of combat stress balls for the clinic and dozens of pairs of athletic shoes for the patients who arrive injured with only their combat boots. Needless to say both the hospital and our Red Cross team are eager and hopeful for another installment of the grant.

I also wanted to share this photo taken this morning with the Seabees. Many of them are heading home and this picture was taken after we handed out our certificates of appreciation for their volunteer work at our Memorial Day event.


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