Monday, 3 June 2013

Interesting article about why closing midnight chow would be detrimental to the troops. I'm so glad that this is being picked up and reported on in the media.

Also! I did my first Medevac mission last night. For those of you who remember my last deployment, the Medevac missions are the inbound flights to Bagram carrying wounded soldiers from the field and the outbound flights are for the injured soldiers who have been stabalized at the hospital in Bagram and are flying out to Germany where they have the Level 4 trauma centers.  Last night was a pretty big mission too - 15 ambulatory, 5 patients on litters and 2 CKATS (patients on life support). My role is to provide manpower for moving the patients from the hospital to the bus and the bus onto the plane. We are also just there to provide moral support for the injured patients who are often alone and scared.

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