Monday, 9 September 2013

Today was pretty representative of a deployment transition - hectic, sleepless and rather stressful. This morning the new team arrived at the office at 9am and both the new and old teams went over to base billeting. My team checked out of our Bhuts and the new team checked in. Then we did a run to the PX to buy supplies and my team leader and I brought the very last plate of mom's fudge over to the Engineers who had a mass casualty incident a short time ago. Saying goodbye to the units and my friends out here is really difficult.

Once we were back at the office, I took the truck and officially moved by duffels out of the Bhut where I've lived the last 5 months... and into the tents. Heaven help me. The tent is insufferably hot and it's- communal men and women, with only a small divider separating the two tent halves. There are two giant fans blowing air around the tent, but truthfully it is cooler outside at 90 degrees than it is in the tent. There are literally huge gaps in the tent walls where the tent has come apart and the daylight and the heat come in. It made for sleeping during the day, with the sun beating down on the tent, just torturous. Only two more "nights" :-/

I was so over tired I actually slept through my alarm which I never do, but still managed to make it to Zumba. Then I came to start my shift and found out my replacement wouldn't be come in to sit chair side with me until 3am so at midnight I went over and did one last Medevac at the Hospital.

Then this coming morning, the end of my shift, the Bagram Garrison Commander and Sergeant Major have requested a meeting with our team at 9am so we will all be in uniform for that audience. Then I will imagine it will be time to drop! :-)  

3 more days!

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