Sunday, 1 May 2011

Amidst growing “excitement” in Afghanistan, we managed to have an enjoyable and uneventful Sunday afternoon. Our team leader’s mother-in-law shipped over Bisquick, cherry pie filling and a recipe for how to grill shortcake on our outdoor grill. Despite the 100 degree heat we gathered round the grill to cook shortcake and roast leftover Peeps (which seemed kind of cruel as their faces melted) and relax a bit in the calm. The day was also a success in that earlier in the morning, while I was still sleeping, our team and some volunteers set up two bookshelves, one at the Pax Terminal, one at the Green Bean Coffee, for a project we started to help give away more of our donated books. We are going to stock the bookshelves at each location weekly and hope that in this way, more people will be encouraged to take and/or leave a book!

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Beth said...

It's somewhat shocking, as I read this blog for the 1st time, that's there's such a difference in the tone of your reports. As late as last Sunday, you sounded so happy-go-lucky, grilling, visiting, etc & now this week, after bin Laden's death, you're running for your life on a regular basis. That you are pulling this off so fearlessly is amazing, Michelle.
Stay safe. You're in our prayers. Keep that protective gear close!