Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Under the weather, and no thanks to the weather

Wow, can I tell you that the desert is NOT the place to get sick. I've been fighting this bug since Monday now and it's bad enough that I am sneezing and coughing and feel like I've been hit by a humvee, but the heat exacerbates that feeling and makes you feel dizzy and nauseated. At the same time, the lovely baby-powder fine dust swirls into your nostrils and eyes and throat and leads to the feeling of being plugged up and choking. And to top it all off, we work 7 days a week here and if I were to request a day off it would mean that someone on my team would have to extend there already demanding shift which would probably result in their getting sick and initiating a cycle of sickness...and guilt.
Alas...come on antibodies, tough it up!

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